Captains of industry: We need your help steering the ship of state!

We engage leading companies in promoting federal carbon pricing in the U.S.  Posts here present on-going examples of the actions Business Climate Leaders are taking.


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New Belgium Brewery joins N. Carolina Community Leaders Campaign

BCL members in North Carolina initially worked together with New Belgium Brewing on a joint goal – to expand the number of breweries in North Carolina that have signed the Ceres Climate Declaration.  After working on this with BCL, NBB has also agreed to join CCL’s North Carolina Leaders Letter Campaign. The campaign brings together leaders from across the state to encourage North Carolina’s legislative delegation to take effective action on climate. New Belgium’s new East Coast operations are just about to begin in Asheville N.C. and the plant manager will represent NBB in the campaign. The final words (from NBB’s gov’t affairs lead) in the email that conveyed the green light say it all: “Let me know what else we can do to help.”  Now that’s a relationship!

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Small Business Majority Seeks to Join BCL Campaign

Small Business Majority (SBM) wants to join ASBC and BCL in engaging businesses. They are seeking funding to support this effort. SBM’s network includes 45,000 small business owners, plus 125 business associations that represent an additional 500,000 entrepreneurs.

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ASBC to Help Educate Congress on Need for Climate Action

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is working with BCL, designing and launching a campaign to engage ASBC members with CCL chapters in strategic meetings with Republican members of Congress. The initial pilot will target a small number Congressional districts. ASBC spans a network of business associations across the United States, which in turn represent over 200,000 businesses and 325,000 business executives, owners, and investors. Learn more at

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Diginity Health Jons Community Leaders Campaign in SoCal

Rachelle R .Wenger, Acting as Dignity Health’s Director of Public Policy & Community Advocacy has signed onto the Community Leaders Campaign for Southern California’s CCL chapter in North Orange County. The district (CA-39) is served by Republican Congressman Ed Royce.

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Unilever supports CCL Meeting with Tennessee Senators in D.C.

After a set of conversations with BCL and then with CCL’s Gov’t Affairs team in D.C., Unilever’s U.S. Manager of Gov’t Affairs, Mark Bescher, joined CCL’s Danny Richter and Stephanie Doyle on the hill for separate meetings with the staff of Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. Since both Senators were fairly well versed already on CCL’s fee & dividend proposal, the meetings focused more Unilever’s support for ~”not just one policy or proposal,” but Congressional action on all proposals that promote a more sustainable climate.

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Facebook Offers Social Media Support

After initial conversations meeting with members of BCL’s Silicon Valley team, Facebook has offered to allocate a part-time Facebook staff person to assist CCL with social media. Facebook CSO Bill Weihl has offered to act as an internal liaison between BCL and Facebook’s policy team.

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BCL recruits Sylvia Earle

After a meeting with BCL, Dr. Earle has agreed to join CCL’s Advisory Board, and to encourage companies to join BCL. In that regard, she will be a signatory on our outreach letter to CEOs, along with Jim Hansen and Trammell Crowe.

Dr Earle is an American marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer. Since 1998 she has been a National Geographic explorer-in-residence. She was the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and was named by Time Magazine as its first Hero for the Planet in 1998. She won the TED Prize in 2009; here’s her acceptance speech.

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Dignity Health joins Business Climate Leaders

Dignity Health, which is based in San Francisco, CA, has joined BCL. At this time, Dignity operates 39 hospitals and ancillary health care facilities in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Many of these facilities have Policy Advocacy Liaisons. These PALs will be the local facility contact for CCL chapters.

For all you baseball trivia fans, Wikipedia names Dignity Health as the official health care provider of the San Francisco Giants.

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We’ve changed our name…We’re now Business Climate Leaders

As you can see from the logo, we’ve changed our name to Business Climate Leaders. We won’t be updating all references to Fifty for the Future on this site, so don’t get confused if you find references to it here and there.

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New Belgium Brewing Company gets on Board!

Building Brewery Power for Climate Action

Today, after a series of conversations with Fifty for the Future (the original name of our project) New Belgium is joining us in mobilizing the Asheville Brewers Alliance (North Carolina) to sign onto CERES’ Climate Declaration. We’re also discussing plans to work together on educating Asheville’s current Republican representatives (Congressmen Patrick McHenry and Mark Meadows) about the need for responsible climate legislation, including the importance of signing the Gibson Resolution.

New Belgium Brewing (the nation’s fourth-largest brewer of craft beer) is a Certified B Corporation. They’re also a member of CERES’ BICEP collaboration.


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