Business Climate Leaders are Changing this Map


Map of CarbonPricingWatch2015 (9-15 w question) copy

This map shows the countries or subnational jurisdictions who have— or are working towards— a price on carbon (as of 8/15) .The U.S. is greyed out on this map and our goal is to color it in!

Our mission is to…

…to engage business leaders in building the political will for a livable planet and a clean energy future.

Our vision…

…is companies in diverse economic sectors joining with Citizens’ Climate Lobby and successfully moving Congress to enact effective carbon pricing legislation.

Our objective…

Educate, support, and work with  leading companies on advocating for Federal carbon pricing legislation

Benefits to companies…

The right kind of pricing policy (CCL’s recommended policy) will:

  • Put more money in the pockets of your customers— on average, $200/month/household in 2020, rising to $400/month in 2035
  • Build the corporate bottom line
  • Demonstrate corporate environmental and climate leadership
  • Enhance corporate brand reputation

Benefits to society…

Implementation of this policy would, by 2035:

  • Reduce U.S. CO2 emissions to 50% of 1990 levels
  • Create 2.8M jobs and add $1.375 trillion to U.S. GDP
  • Save 227,000 lives (avoided deaths from improved air quality)


Citizens’ Climate Lobby and its 25,000 volunteers will:

  • Write letters to the editor, op-eds, hold outreach events that appreciate companies’ leadership
  • Educate company executives, and CSR and government affairs team about carbon pricing policy options
  • Organize Congressional meetings with corporate staff and community leaders
  • Organize advertising and publicity campaigns to promote the initiative and participating companies
  • Engage other NGOs


Passage of meaningful Federal carbon pricing legislation by Congress


Businesses can:

  • Encourage their supply chain, other corporations and trade associations to support the initiative
  • Educate Congress on the need for and parameters of effective carbon pricing legislation
  • Participate in publishing joint and open letters to Congress in leading media channels
  • Support CCL financially


  • Clear commitment by a company, whether in public or in private, to support moving Congress towards responsible climate legislation, including national carbon pricing, and
  • Specifically, commitment to educate and activate corporate government affairs/lobbyists to advocate for such legislation

Business Climate Leaders is a project of Citizens’ Climate Lobby