Materials: Editorial and Letters

Material for Working With Editorial Staff

Briefer -Clean Power Plan Highlights  7-14 (pdf) Briefer -Clean Power Plan Highlights 7-14 (Word)

Inside & Outside the Fence Line- What is a good State Implementation Plan (power point, with talking points)

Advocacy Briefer 3.4.14

Op-Ed Templates

Fossil Fuels are Striking Out  7-14 (pdf) /   Fossil Fuels are Striking Out 7-14 (Word doc)

States Can Lead Action Against Global Warming 6-14

The Sky’s the Limit

I am writing this because it cannot wait

Letter to the Editor Templates

We The People (6-14-14)…

Small business owner supporting the standards June 2014

Deepwater Horizon blowout anniversary LTE template

Templates For your Governor

Template letter to Governors 6-14-14 (Word)

Templates For the EPA (comments accepted until October 16, 2014)

Template comment on the Clean Power Plan to the EPA (now including a request for a state level carbon tax)

Template request to the EPA: Add state level carbon taxes to Clean Power Plan