Relationship with Unilever Grows

Unilever joining CCL’s Danny Richter in educating members of Congress

After several conversations with Fifty for the Future, Unilever’s Manager of Federal Government Relations & External Affairs, Mark Bescher, met in D.C. with CCL’s Legislative Director, Danny Richter. Whether it’s because they attended Notre Dame within a year of each other or just because they know that what we’re all working on is so urgent, they have hit it off!

We are now working out details for upcoming joint meetings with strategically targeted members of Congress to educate them about the benefits of an effective federal price on carbon. Although dates have not been picked, one possibility being discussed is during CCL’s November 16-17 Lobby Days in D.C. This would allow constituents to be present.

Activating the Unilever Supply Chain: Ben & Jerry’s

Mark Bescher has introduced us to Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s Activism Manager. Given that B&J has already written (Flavors We May Lose To Climate Change) about the  impacts of climate change on their business, we’re hopeful that a discussion with Chris will be a triple win for B&J, the climate, AND Fifty for the Future.

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